Industrial Water Treatment


Babcock Wanson has unique expertise in boiler house water treatment solutions that has been demonstrated throughout thousands of installations around the World.

As a leader in the design and implementation of industrial boiler houses, Babcock Wanson has, for a very long time, been integrating all the required skills in water treatment. These include:

  • Supply of equipment necessary to obtain the required water quality:
    • Ion Exchange Softening.
    • Thermal Degassing (Deaeration).
    • Decarbonisation.
    • Demineralisation by Reverse Osmosis or by Resin Exchange.
  • The formulation and supply of water treatment chemicals specifically adapted to the steam quality or water quality required for the process.
  • Services and commitments needed to protect you from the risks of poor water quality.
  • Digital solutions to help you monitor the water quality of your facilities.

When looking at your process heating water requirements and the right solution for your site and needs, we take into account a wide range of parameters including:

  • Available raw water, boiler type, condensate return.
  • Steam quality to be produced.
  • Blowdown rates to control TDS levels.
  • Energy balance improvement.
  • Economic criteria (investment, operating & maintenance costs).

Industrial Water Treatment

All water based heat raising equipment requires suitably treated water to ensure safe and reliable operation. Over 50% of equipment breakages are due to poor water quality. Inadequate water treatment will result in scale and corrosion, dramatically reducing the operating life and efficiency of everything it comes into contact with. Furthermore, the condition of the water feed directly impacts the quality of the overall heating system, particularly when it comes to Steam raising boilers and generators.

Principal among the damaging factors are dissolved oxygen carried by the water and the acidity of both the raw incoming water and the condensate from the system. Poorly prepared water can, at best, cause rapid and costly damage to the heating surface and under worst case conditions can lead to the end of a boiler’s working life in a very short period of time. Most typical failures are due to oxygen pitting of the steel and therefore chemical treatment of the feed water is essential to prevent such corrosion occurring.

Advantages of Babcock Wanson Industrial Water Treatment

Traditionally, water treatment services have been supplied by a third party, independent of the equipment manufacturer. This is perfectly acceptable if this third party has sufficient knowledge and experience of the type of boiler employed and the way the steam produced is used by the process rather than just water testing and treatment services in general. If problems occur questions inevitably arise as to the root cause of the problem and who holds the underlying responsibility.

Babcock Wanson takes a different, holistic, approach. We appreciate the consequences and damage that can be done by getting this critical and often overlooked facet of steam production wrong. For example, it can be costly to replace a coil in a high output Steam Generator, not only in terms of the component itself but also in terms of the down time of the equipment and the subsequent effect on the client’s process.

Instead, we offer customers a single-source solution by providing not only boiler house equipment, but also high-quality water treatment services to ensure their equipment works to maximum efficiency and longevity.

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