Babcock Wanson, leading company of industrial boilers production and related services, strengthens its European presence with the acquisition of the company REPUTABEL WARMTETCHNIEK BV. This acquisition allows it to deploy its strategy, combining the Equipment sales with Services in the Netherlands. Babcock Wanson Group has two production sites in Nerac (France) and Cavenago (Italy) and several subsidiaries in Europe, allowing it to provide many services such as leasing, installation and maintenance his products.

Reputabel comes to strengthen the European presence of the Babcock Wanson Group, with the ambition to become the Dutch market leader for industrial boiler’s maintenance, operations support, and optimization.

Based in the east of the Netherlands, and with an office near Amsterdam, REPUTABEL has a turnover of about 3 million euros. The company has already represented Babcock Wanson in this country for many years and its current leader, Henk Harmsen will continue to ensure the development of the company. The integration should be facilitated and allow to focus on growth in revenues, thanks to the support structure Babcock Wanson for projects larger sizes.

“One year after the takeover of Babcock Wanson by the FCDE (Fonds de Consolidation et de Développement des Entreprises – ConsolidationFund and Enterprise Development), this acquisition underscores our commitment to growth and to impose our brand as a benchmark in its international market,” says Cyril FOURNIER-MONTGIEUX, president of Babcock Wanson. “We are pleased to conclude this first acquisition; the integration of REPUTABEL isnatural because we have been collaborating for many years with its teams and its activity is perfectly in line with our strategy. ”

Babcock Wanson is now strengthening with eighth subsidiaries in Europe. The acquisition strategy allows it to accelerate its development.