Modulo+500 industrial burner and
Babcock wanson has installed Modulo+ 500 burners and a new connected control system for Danone’s revamping project.

Danone, the multinational food company, is a loyal and valued Babcock Wanson customer. In 2008, Babcock Wanson installed a boiler room in its factory in Normandy (France), containing two BWR150A fire tube boilers each fitted with a Babcock Wanson TA5 industrial burner with an 8:1 turndown ratio. After 12 years of reliable operation, Danone contacted Babcock Wanson with a view to upgrading their boiler house to incorporate the best available technologies.

To improve overall boiler room performance, the existing industrial burners were replaced with Babcock Wanson Modulo+ 500 burners. The turndown ratio was thereby increased to 12:1, permitting a wider steam output range from 1.25 t/h to 15 t/h. It results in optimized efficiency across the range. NOx emissions were reduced by 18% off from 98 mg/Nm³ to 80 mg/Nm³. This operation allowed Danone to increase both energy efficiency and environmental performance.

Babcock Wanson also modified the PLC and HMI to implement the new Wago/KEP automated and connected control system with its modernized Navinergy interface. This new system ensures an easy daily operation with remote control and alerting system and thus enables even more efficient and reliable steam production.