Babcock Wanson and Energisme
Babcock Wanson and Energisme – the former with its new range of smart boilers and the latter with its data management platform – are pooling their digital tools to provide Babcock customers with innovative services to improve their security and the reliability of their equipment, as well as to optimise their energy and environmental performance. This new tool will also serve for predictive
maintenance operations on installations and will therefore significantly reduce production shutdowns.

Babcock Wanson, an international provider of industrial process heating equipment and solutions, incorporates innovation and sustainable development in its global business strategy. It aims to help customers achieve their environmental goals. With more than 6,000 industrial boilers installed and 3,100 maintenance contracts in over 100 countries, Babcock Wanson has launched, through its Navinergy offer, a new generation of smart boilers, that enable the installations’ security and energy performance data flow to be monitored in real time.

Energisme, a French deep-tech software publisher, created N’Gage, a unique and smart platform for helping organisations manage all their data to control their energy efficiency in real time. Designed to be adaptable and scalable in complex environments, this platform is based on a powerful and unparalleled infrastructure that simplifies access to energy data by consolidating it in a single interface. It enables each user to generate analyses and “customised” solutions for steering multi-fluid energy performance.

The ability to manage large quantities of highly diverse data in real time helps to manage and anticipate issues concerning the performance, maintenance and security of installations, as well as water quality and combustion. This is why Babcock Wanson chose Energisme, which has a platform that makes data reliable and merges it automatically in order to obtain as much intelligence as possible.

Babcock Wanson can therefore steer its base in real time, implement preventative maintenance and offer its customers leading innovative services.

Thierry Chambon, Managing Director of Energisme, confirms: “A powerful cloud-native data infrastructure provides endless possibilities for analysis and artificial intelligence development and we are very pleased that the Babcock Wanson teams deployed their solutions by leveraging our technologies. This partnership speeds up energy and environmental performance and allows for truly ‘data-driven’ energy steering”.

Cyril Fournier-Montgieux, President of Babcock Wanson, explains, “Innovation is part of our DNA, and we support customers with high-end installations and services to make their industrial heating equipment reliable and to optimise their energy and environmental performance. We have found Energisme to be a complementary partner in terms of technological standards and quality, meeting our expectations fully. Thanks to the N’Gage platform, in addition to standard services such as monitoring productivity, water quality and malfunctions, we can now offer our customers more exclusive services such as real-time analyses of breakdowns and an accelerated return to service, resulting in significant savings”.