Standard Fasel rejoint Babcock Wanson

Standard Fasel is transferred from Nimbus to join the Babcock Wanson Group, thereby strengthening its leadership in the Benelux market for industrial boilers and further developing its European ambition.

Standard Fasel is one of the market leaders in the Netherlands and experienced strong growth in sales and profitability under the ownership of hands‐on investor Nimbus. Under the drive of Kartesia, its new majority shareholder, Babcock Wanson continues its external growth strategy by welcoming Standard Fasel into the group.
Standard Fasel is a Dutch group with a strong reputation in the field of industrial boilers. A specialist in the design, manufacture and sales of industrial boilers and burners for the energy, food, chemical and manufacturing industries, Standard Fasel also offers its customers a wide range of services including engineering, installation of turnkey projects, monitoring and maintenance of equipment. The company has developed an expertise in high power boilers that gives it a strong competitive advantage in the industrial boiler market in the Netherlands and internationally.
Nimbus became the main shareholder of Standard Fasel in 2018, giving a new impetus to the development of services within Standard Fasel.
Alexander de Haas, partner at Nimbus, says: Over the past three years, Nimbus, together with the management team, has helped Standard Fasel to build on its strengths. This meant focusing on streamlining the operation and a more dedicated focus on its service activities. We believe Babcock Wanson is the right partner to allow the company, the management team and its employees, to continue to push its strategic agenda and further benefit from the energy transition.
Ger Roovers, the current CEO, joined the company in 2011 and will continue to lead the company with the current management team. After a good natured and successful partnership with Nimbus, we are very excited to be joining the Babcock Wanson Group as we share a common expertise and know‐how focused on solutions for decarbonising industry. says Ger.
With the acquisition of Standard Fasel, the Babcock Wanson Group consolidates its presence in the Benelux and shows its ambition to create a European leader in industrial boilers.
Cyril Fournier‐Montgieux, Chairman of the Babcock Wanson Group, says: Babcock Wanson and Standard Fasel share a common philosophy focused on the energy transition and the optimisation of the energy consumption of our industrial customers. The complementary nature of the products and services offered by the two companies will enable commercial and industrial synergies capable of strengthening our position in process industries. Babcock‐Wanson is already present in this geographical area through its subsidiaries Maes (Belgium) and Reputabel (Netherlands) that will complete the structure of Standard Fasel, with complementary teams and competences.
This is Babcock Wanson’s fifth acquisition since 2016 and the second since Kartesia became the majority shareholder in July 2021.
Julien Rigon, Director at Kartesia, adds: We are very pleased to complete this acquisition. Kartesia is committed to supporting Babcock Wanson in consolidating the industrial boiler market to become a pan‐European leader and to be able to push forward innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.