Babcock Wanson is pleased to announce the launch of the first Boiler Operation Accreditation Scheme (BOAS) Cat 5 training course for Coil type Steam Boiler Operators in the UK, in conjunction with the Combustion Engineering Association (CEA).

The new course, prepared by Babcock Wanson, will cover a range of safety and operational issues that the operator should be aware of, including important health and safety aspects of steam systems and simple water treatment routines, as well as the safe operation of the boiler and how to recognise and what to do when the boiler is not performing correctly. The training will be assessed through a multi-question exam produced and marked by the CEA who will issue a Certificate and ID card to successful candidates, valid for five years.

This important new BOAS course can be completed at Babcock Wanson’s Hertfordshire works or on the customer’s site.

BOAS is owned and operated by the CEA, an educational charity specialising in the technical training and assessment of boiler operators and managers. During its ten years, over 4000 boiler operators have been successfully trained and assessed through BOAS. With the increasing popularity of coil type steam generators, yet with users who often have limited or no relevant technical or safety knowledge, extending the scheme to cover these modern heat raising systems is a logical step.

The new BOAS Cat 5 training course will cover two levels: steam generator operators (a one day course) and steam generator engineers/managers. The latter will require a greater level of knowledge from candidates and will include some of the more detailed maintenance and supervision aspects of operating a larger coil boiler installation and steam distribution system. Courses for this level will be three days duration and include further examinations and an interview with an experienced Assessor.