Optimo1 industrial burner
Following the launch of the Optimo 2 industrial burner for medium size firetube Steam Boilers, Babcock Wanson is pleased to announce the arrival of Optimo 1 industrial burner which incorporates all the technological innovations of Optimo 2 but in a burner designed for smaller output boilers with a capacity of 1 to 2 t/h.

Optimo 1 industrial burner provides unparalleled environmental performance, which not only ensures compliance with all applicable regulations, including the Medium Plant Combustion (MCP) Directive.

In addition to the exceptional environmental performance, Optimo 1 industrial burner has been designed for energy efficiency, achieved through precise digital control of low excess air levels throughout the turndown range resulting in an excellent combustion efficiency regardless of the process load.  Furthermore, Optimo 1 industrial burner performs with a very high turndown ratio, enabling the burner to adjust its output to meet the needs of the process.  This avoids the costly energy losses incurred by continual stop/start cycles, making Optimo 1 industrial burner highly cost-effective and further adding to its overall operational efficiency.

Electricity consumption has also been reduced in this latest Babcock Wanson burner through the introduction of three interchangeable combustion air fans, covering the power range 1 t/h, 1.5 t/h and 2 t/h.  This enables Optimo 1 industrial burner to perfectly match the boiler requirement and allows greater burner turndown as well as reduced electric consumption when operating at lower power levels.

The wider fan range available with the Optimo 1 industrial burner has a further benefit in that noise emission levels are reduced when using lower fan powers.  With a new burner casing design, Babcock Wanson is also able to offer sound insulation where required.

The new casing of this latest Babcock Wanson burner has all the electronics of the combustion equipment integrated directly into it, facilitating its interface with a customer’s plant. This, combined with a new Burner Management System, make it easy to install and also very easy to handle, set up and use for daily operation.

Optimo 1 industrial burner is not only suitable for use on new Steam Boilers, but can also be retrofitted to upgrade existing boilers to meet enhanced emission requirements.