Following a substantial research project with the aim of reducing exhaust gas emissions and improving the energy efficiency of burners, Babcock Wanson is pleased to announce the first of its new burners borne of this project: Optimo 2.

Optimo 2 is designed as a fully configurable stand alone burner for medium size firetube Steam Boilers ranging from 2 to 4t/h output. Optimo 2 burners are available from 1500 to 3500kW output for new Steam Boilers and also as a retrofit solution to upgrade existing boilers to meet enhanced emission requirements.

Designed with a high-performance combustion head, Optimo 2 emission rates are less than 100mg/Nm3 NOx throughout the firing range when burning natural gas. Optimo 2 not only meets the requirements of the Medium Plant Combustion (MCP) Directive it can be configured to provide even lower emissions where regulations demand making it one of the best performing burners on the market.

In addition to the exceptional environmental performance, Optimo 2 boasts outstanding energy efficiency. This is achieved through very accurate control of low excess air levels throughout the turndown range; a very high turndown ratio enabling the burner to adjust its output to meet the needs of the process; and the use of integrated digital controls.

Optimo 2 comes with an interchangeable combustion air fan for up to five different duties enabling it to perfectly match the process at hand.

The Optimo 2 is the first model of the new Optimo burner range that will gradually replace Babcock Wanson’s LNTA range. The Optimo 2 replaces all models from the LNTA 100 to 200. Optimo 1, 3 and 4 are in the final stages of development and are due to be launched shortly.