Babcock Wanson is a major international provider of industrial process heating equipment and solutions

Babcock Wanson is a major international provider of industrial process heating equipment and solutions with a pedigree dating back over 100 years. We have operating companies in eight countries in and around Europe, including two manufacturing sites, and a world-wide network of commercial and technical partners.

Why Choose Babcock Wanson?

We work hard to be the very best we can and are proud to be one of the World’s leading suppliers of industrial process heating equipment.  Babcock Wanson customers benefit from:

  • High efficiency and environmentally conscious performance
  • Always at the forefront of innovation
  • The strength of an international network, backed up with local service
  • An exceptionally wide range of process heating solutions to meet customers’ needs
  • Over a century of engineering expertise and experience
  • Tailored solutions, from product to training and maintenance contracts
  • Full after sales support
  • A solutions-based approach
  • Thousands of installations and satisfied customers

Case Studies & Projects

Product Installations

100,000 + products / equipment installed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Countries Covered

430+ VOC & Odour Abatement Thermal Oxidisers installations completed globally.

Satisfied Clients

7,000 operational industrial boiler houses with over 4,500 boiler maintenance contracts.


To be the leading company for the design, sales and installation of industrial boilers, thermal oxidisers, burners and industrial water treatment.


Convinced that management of energy resources will determine tomorrow’s world, we aim to optimise energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of all our industrial customers.


We strive to be reliable, innovative, understanding of our customers’ needs and welcoming to staff.

Around the World

From its beginnings in the late 19th Century, Babcock Wanson has grown to become a major international provider of industrial process heating equipment and solutions.

  • An international organisation with eight operating companies in and around Europe
  • Two prime manufacturing facilities in Europe, plus other engineering and assembly plants
  • 600+ staff, over half of which are dedicated to after-sales care and service
  • A world-wide network of commercial and technical partners
  • 300+ service engineers across Europe

Ethics and Compliance

Babcock Wanson is renowned for quality industrial process heating solutions, from manufacture to maintenance and on-going support.

A key factor in Babcock Wanson’s success stems from our ability to offer a complete range of products and services for boiler houses and other process heating needs; all adapted to meet customers’ individual requirements.

All products supplied by Babcock Wanson are fully supported, including tailored service and maintenance contracts.

Industrial boilers & boiler house services
  • Integrated gas
  • Integrated gas, oil or dual fuel burner
  • Meets the needs of modern industry
  • Compact, easy to use and offer a saving in overall energy demand
  • Range of airflows and air pressures
  • Work with a large variation of discharge temperatures
  • Prevent process air from coming into contact with products of combustion
  • Unrivaled expertise in Thermal Oxidiser technology
  • Lowest long-term running costs
  • Incorporate adsorption technology concentration techniques

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All the aspects of our product design, organization and services are oriented towards our customers’ needs.