Boilers for the Beverage Industry

The beverage industry includes two categories:

  • Non-alcoholic categories: soft drink and water bottling and canning; fruit juices bottling, canning and boxing; the coffee industry and the tea industry
  • Alcoholic categories: distilled spirits, wine and brewing

This sector requires precise control and widely variable heat loads. Heat provision must be adjustable to react to sudden variations in process load.
Another important aspect on the beverage manufacturing process is preventing contamination in the process and in the products. Therefore, accurate monitoring and safety control are required to assure product quality.

Product Recommendations

Babcock Wanson provides the equipment, technologies and expertise to make your beverage manufacturing process safer and more efficient.

Babcock Wanson, thanks to in house knowledge and manufacture of both boiler and burner, provides reliable and robust equipment for this industry. Both Steam Generators and Fire Tube Boilers are well suited to beverage manufacturing process.

In the brewery sector, steam has traditionally been used as the heating method. Steam is also used in bottle washing and equipment cleaning applications. These applications require a high steam usage and thus a high-quality water that can be assured by Babcock Wanson’s Water Treatment solutions. Babcock Wanson offers a wide-range and complete water treatment equipment to clarify, filter, sterilize and dechlorinate the water and to provide high quality boiler feed water.

Babcock Wanson expertise ensures minimum maintenance costs whilst controlling corrosion and chemical deposits in both boiler and system.

An alternative to classic steam systems is Thermal Fluid Heating. Thermal fluid systems work at high temperatures (up to 350°C in standard form) in a simple closed loop and have successfully and very economically, been used in processes such as Wort Boiling in place of more traditional steam heated equipment.

Services Available

Babcock Wanson can provide tailored service and technical aid customised to suit individual client and application needs.

  • Telephone service and response times: Implementing a rigorous scheduled service and maintenance plan will provide you with greater equipment reliability and efficiency.
  • Availability commitment: Babcock Wanson’s extensive network of Service Engineers are fully qualified and trained to respond to any service needs related to your boiler.

Beverages Industry Boilers Customers