Boilers for the Petrochemicals and Power Plant Industry

The Petrochemical Industry is based on hydrocarbons derived from fossil fuel resources and biomass. The processes within this industry provide intermediate materials that serve as a basis for the manufacture of many everyday objects. Stored energy sources include oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear energy and renewable fuels, kinetic energy include wind turbines and hydropower, other energy sources such as photovoltaic technologies and all are used for the generation of electrical energy in Power Plants

Product Recommendations

Babcock Wanson offers products adapted to the petrochemical and power plant industries such as the Water tube boiler, the Fire tube boiler, and the steam Superheater as well as Industrial Burners.

Babcock Wanson has the technology to design and manufacture high output and high-pressure industrial steam plant for new build or plant upgrades requiring water tube type high capacity firetube boilers.

Services Available

  • Repairs and revamping of your boilers and burners: we have the knowledge and experience to review your current boiler house equipment and processes and provide you with the most suitable, modern, technology solution to upgrade your equipment.
  • Babcock Wanson has expertise in boiler repairs and high-power boilers optimisation. We can complete energy audits as a first step to optimize or maintain installations and then carry out improvement or maintenance work in the most demanding conditions.
  • Rental boilers: Babcock Wanson has a fleet of Steam Boilers to rent in order to meet the specific needs of your steam supply during maintenance or plant shutdown. From basic steam production to superheated steam requirements Babcock Wanson can provide temporary solution.

Petrochemicals and Power Plant Industry Boilers Customers