We Have the Boiler You Need

Babcock Wanson offers a wide range of boilers for rental to meet our clients’ energy needs, whatever the situation.

Boiler types, from 90 kW to 12,000 kW:

Our boilers for rental are the latest fully automatic models, often brand new, and all inspected by approved organisations. We have over 200 mobile boilers and boiler houses available for rental, including boilers on skids or in containers ready for immediate hook-up.

We also provide rental of other equipment such as water treatment skids, softeners, fuel storage tanks, generators and flexible connection devices.

Why Rent a Boiler?

Boiler rental provides a convenient, flexible, cost-effective short to medium term solution to heat raising requirements due to seasonal demands, work within the boiler house, and requirements for additional safety, planned/unplanned shutdown, or for any other contingency.

We can supply boilers on skids or in containers anywhere in Europe and Northern Africa.  Our technicians can organise the installation of the boiler, its commissioning and provide technical assistance and staff training for maximum convenience, should this be required.

With Babcock Wanson’s boiler rental service there is:

  • No fixed constraint of civil engineering or building regulations
  • Ease of transport for standard sizes (standard containers for normal road transport are used)
  • Very fast installation, connection and start-up
  • Controlled cost with the possibility of complete financing
  • Prefabricated, equipped and tested boiler house with manufacturer guarantee

Supplementary Services

Babcock Wanson offers a wide range of boilers for rental to meet your energy needs, whatever the situation.

To help get the most out of your Babcock Wanson equipment we offer a range of flexible industrial boiler training options.

Babcock Wanson’s engineers produce a detailed report on how to optimise it for maximum efficiency and operation.