Turnkey Solutions and Packages

Babcock Wanson’s experience in boiler house solutions goes far beyond manufacturing the boiler or heat processing equipment. That’s because every installation is different and, to achieve maximum efficiency, we adapt and integrate our systems to meet our customer’s needs. There’re very few challenges we haven’t seen and overcome!

As a result, Babcock Wanson designers, engineers and management teams have developed multiple skills and decades of experience, enabling them to undertake turnkey projects. From simple projects to large, complex industrial processes, we take the same professional approach: completing initial studies, detailed engineering, design appraisal, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Every element of the project requirement can be catered for right up to the After Sales care.

If you have a boiler house or process heating project which requires a turnkey solution, contact Babcock Wanson to see how we can help and to find out about some of our recent turnkey projects in your industry.

Pre-Assembled Packages

Whether for a new process heating demand or to supplement an existing need, a boiler system from Babcock Wanson supplied as a skid mounted package or a containerised plant room can be a very cost-effective solution. Easy and quick to install, the factory assembled and tested plant is supplied with all relevant certification and is ready to use as soon as it is installed on site.

Any of our process heating systems are available in these factory assembled formats, although lower output vertical or horizontal coil type Steam Generators and Thermal Fluid Heaters are most popular. Premises where site works time must be kept to a bare minimum or if the plant may need to be moved in the future can really benefit from this approach.



  • Often simplified site civil works requirements
  • Easy transport (standard container can be employed for normal road transport)
  • Very fast installation, connection and start-up
  • Controlled cost with the possibility of complete financing
  • Equipment for temporary use, the truly mobile boiler house
  • Prefabricated, equipped and tested boiler house with manufacturer guarantee

Portable & Containerised Boiler Houses

The complete process heating plant can be assembled within a modified shipping container with outputs from 150 kg/h to 2000 kg/h accommodated in an ISO standard 20 foot General Purpose container or up to 6000 kg/h in the 40 foot size.

As standard, the containers are fitted with the necessary ventilation louvres, lighting and anti-frost heating plus any special lifting/stacking/paint finish that may be specified.

A short flue section can be provided for immediate use but for longer term operation a chimney complying with local authority requirements can also be supplied.

Portable Contanerised Boiler Houses

Skid Mounted Packages

Skid mounted process heating systems not only benefit from quick and simple installation, but also have a very small footprint thanks to the optimisation of space at the design stage. This has further benefits in that it makes it possible to have a higher-capacity system in a smaller space.

For skid mounted Steam Generators or Firetube Steam Boilers where headroom on site is limited, Babcock Wanson can provide a low level or floor mounted feedwater tank with a simple booster pump to provide the required head to the main boiler feed water pump.

This ensures the feedwater can be operated at the optimum temperature to drive off dissolved oxygen, which helps reduce water treatment chemical consumption to a minimum.


Contact one of our technical sales team in your location and they will assist with you enquiry.

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