Boilers for the Wood and Timber Industry

Wood, Timber, Paper and Paperboard industries refers primarily to the manufacture of pulp and paper from wood, recovered paper and paperboard production.

Product Recommendations

The timber industry for the manufacture of chip and fibreboard panels needs considerable amounts of energy. Installations frequently use the biomass available locally with heat recovery boilers supplemented by Steam Generators or Firetube Boilers when higher steam demand occurs.

For high quality finish the need for more precise and more flexible control favours the use of Thermal Fluid Heaters.

In the paper and board industry steam requirements can change rapidly, in particular if the paper web breaks. The steam flow can be suddenly stopped and the boiler must react quickly to adapt to the new operating conditions. Babcock Wanson are very familiar with this phenomenon and use algorithms of control adapted to each situation thereby making it possible to ensure the safety of both boilers and associated plant.

For corrugated cardboard, Babcock Wanson recommends Thermal Oil Heaters or Firetube Boilers at the drying stage to precisely control the drying of water from the product and the setting of the adhesive. Often these processes include the collection of high-pressure condensate and the energy contained within this can be retained by returning this directly to the boiler shell; an available feature on Babcock Wanson Firetube boilers for this process.

When coating some types of varnish and adhesives, the volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions require the installation of Thermal Oxidation plus Heat Recovery.

Services Available

To ensure high operational availability of the equipment, Babcock Wanson is committed to offer service and technical aid which can be customised according to the client needs.

  • Telephone service and rapid response times: Implementing a rigorous scheduled service and maintenance plan will provide you greater equipment reliability and efficiency.
  • Availability commitment: Babcock Wanson’s extensive network of Service Engineers are fully qualified and trained to respond to any service needs related to your heater or boiler.

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