Boilers for the Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industry

The Chemical and Pharmaceutical sector includes the manufacture of chemical synthesis products such as pharmaceutical products (medication) and oleo-chemical (food, cosmetic) or related to the manufacture of polymers (rubber, glue, paint etc.) In this sector both continuous and batch operations are common. Batch operations in particular can involve large variations in heat load, from initial large surge demand to end of batch temperature maintenance and, when using steam, this gives wide variations in the steam demand which can be served by responsive and flexible steam boilers such as those manufactured by Babcock Wanson.

Product Recommendations

On this type of application, steam is often used up to temperatures of 200°C. Steam generators and fire tube boilers are both well suited in these applications.

To meet the varying needs of the chemical industry, Babcock Wanson can also provide Thermal Fluid Heaters and low and high pressure Hot Water. The main application is the heating of the reactors carried out through double skin jackets or coils placed inside or outside the reactor.

Thermal fluid heaters provide key advantages in these applications with the ability to provide temperatures in the range of +350°C to -40°C for both heating and cooling applications. This versatility is of primary importance in the case of exothermic reactions or for step/ramp control of process temperatures during which time the system precisely controls any temperature variations in the reactor.

Burners with a high turndown ratio are recommended such as “Modulo +” burners or Ortho burners.

For the applications requiring a treatment of solvent laden exhaust streams Babcock Wanson offer solutions with VOC thermal oxidisers, either as Regenerative with internal heat recovery or recuperative in conjunction with external heat recovery.

Services Available

To ensure high operational availability of the equipment, Babcock Wanson is committed to offer service and technical aid which can be customised according to the client needs.

  • Telephone service and rapid response times: Implementing a rigorous scheduled service and maintenance plan will provide you greater equipment reliability and efficiency.
  • Availability commitment: Babcock Wanson’s extensive network of Service Engineers are fully qualified and trained to respond to any service needs related to your heater or boiler.

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industry Boilers Customers