Babcock Wanson, boiler house manufacturer and service provider, markets its own products and is now recognized as a major international player in the industrial boiler rooms field.

Our unique position in the industries allows us to offer a very wide range of position...

Babcock Wanson provides all solutions of boilers, burners, water treatment, control and regulation systems, operating assistance, regulatory follow-up, energy management, maintenance, audit, training, and rental, in a global approach of energy efficiency.

From technical to service, whatever your profile is, Babcock Wanson has its place for you.

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Frédérique Leger, Human Ressources Director

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Service Engineer

2nd December 2021
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Babcock Wanson UK Ltd are market leaders in the design and manufacture of industrial steam boilers, thermal fluid heaters and thermal oxidisers and have an enviable reputation for high quality products and after-sales service. We currently require a Field Service Engineer with experience of combustion equipment, electrical controls and systems and an appreciation of steam…

5 good reasons to join us

1. A fast growing company

Babcock Wanson has been growing for several years.

  • International expansion and external growth
  • 56 new employees joined us in 2020
  • Innovations, digitalisation & innovative projects
Annual growth over 5% and sales of over €105 million

2. A stimulating work environment

Our unique position on the market offers you valuable professions and allows you to participate in projects that are varied in terms of technical specificity, size and location.

  • A wide range of professions: R&D, design office, projects, sales,...
  • Intervention throughout the product life chain
  • Autonomy and responsibilities in your missions, with the expert support from your colleagues
Great diversity of clients: from very small businesses to CAC 40

3. An enriching and unique human adventure

At Babcock Wanson, there is a strong corporate culture, a true family spirit and a strong sense of belonging.

  • Passionate teams
  • Community-based management
  • A friendly atmosphere (Saint Eloi, seminars,...)
Loyal employees with a low turnover rate: 5%

4. A dynamic remuneration policy

An attractive and appreciated salary & benefits policy (May vary regarding the agency)

  • RTT, Quality mutual and provident insurance, Restaurant vouchers, meal packages, transport bonuses
  • An active works council
  • Community-based management
  • A friendly atmosphere (Saint Eloi, seminars,...)
Annual salary review, 13th month, profit-sharing and incentive agreement

5. A booming career!

Develop your skills and reveal your career.

  • Each year, more than 4% of the payroll is devoted to training and two-thirds of our employees are trained (in France)
  • Babcock Wanson is a recognized training organization for our clients. We also offer dedicated courses for our employees.
An active internal mobility policy >>

Employee testimonials



Maintenance engineer Area Manager Régional Manager (West)

Change of position inside the company is highly favored, and many of our employees have beautiful evolutionary path.

I joined Babcock Wanson in June 1996 in the West Region as a customer service technician.

In January 2001 and during the process of reorganization of the regions "sale 2000", I propose my candidacy for the position, then in the process of creation, of manager of the Brittany sector.

This approach is motivated by the desire to give a commercial orientation to my career.

After ten years of activity in the sector, I became interested in management and trained myself.

Also, when the position of Regional Manager West opened, I applied, and since August 2015 I assume this function.

This path, composed of three professions within BW, made it possible to satisfy my aspirations of changes and evolutions.

For this, I benefited from a recruitment process that pays kind attention to internal applications. 



Maintenance engineer Sales Manager Area manager

I joined Babcock Wanson in June 2007 as a Customer Service Technician in the CPN region. At the time I was far from suspecting the continuation ...

After several years in this position, I expressed my wish for mobility, and it was in 2015, on the occasion of a retirement, that I had the opportunity to access the position of sales manager.

This allowed me to discover a new profession and especially to have a broader vision on all activities within the Group. I learned and evolved into this position and 4 years later, my Regional Manager offered me the position I occupy today, Sector Manager. This is a new challenge for me, coming out of my comfort zone and I particularly like it!



Management Control Office  Maintenance manager  Production manager

I started my adventure in Babcock in 2006, a recent graduate, in the management control office, which at the time was part of the industrial area.

From there I started my varied experience, being responsible for the maintenance of plant and machinery and the prevention and protection service until I became responsible for it. Over the years the various tasks have allowed me to maintain continuous contact with the company's beating heart: the workshop, where our workers transform raw materials into finished products every day with passion and commitment. Finally in 2015, following an internal reorganization, I began to be an integral part of it, taking care of production planning until I arrived in 2018 to become production manager.

Flexibility and dynamism are the order, but that's the beauty!

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