Boilers for the Marine Industry

In the Marine industry, the introduction and development of innovative solutions represents a crucial challenge to optimise the different heating requirements found in this industry sector. The need for innovation is present throughout the entire value chain, from the design stage to the completion of the vessels.

Product Recommendations

Babcock Wanson offers a full range of specialist thermal fluid heaters and exhaust gas heat recovery boilers for shipboard use. Incorporating all the required controls for UMS and other regulatory requirements, Babcock Wanson heaters can be supplied fully certified in accordance with all the leading marine approvals.

Simplified versions are also available where the heating duty is not related to shipboard essential services.

Services Available

To ensure high operational availability of the equipment, Babcock Wanson is committed to offer service and technical aid which can be customised according to the client needs.

  • Telephone service and rapid response times: Implementing a rigorous scheduled service and maintenance plan will provide you greater equipment reliability and efficiency.
  • Availability commitment: Babcock Wanson’s extensive network of Service Engineers are fully qualified and trained to respond to any service needs related to your heater or boiler.

Marine Industry Boilers Customers