Industrial facilities with Combustion Plants or Pressure Equipment (as specified by the Pressure Equipment Directive – PED (2014/68/EU)) are at risk they could experience accidents that could endanger site and local people and property. To ensure that robust processes and provisions are put in place for the safety of all, this type of equipment is covered by a standardised regulatory framework. Most of the equipment provided by Babcock Wanson falls within this category and we provide an overview of some of the implications below.

In most countries and / or continents, the local public authorities ensure the safety of this type of facility with:

  • Manufacturing Standards: Standardising the manufacture of pressure equipment by calculation and codes for inspection.
  • Operating Mode: Operating standards through operating modes of the boiler and its associated equipment. The operating modes can be differed considerably from country to country and even between regions but are generally a combination of permanent or periodic human surveillance plus a boiler control system design for safe operation guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • Performance Control through periodic inspection of the equipment by notified bodies. The performance in terms of reliability, energy efficiency and emissions (where relevant to environmental limits) are verified. The periodicity and the nature of these inspections may be very different from one country to another (=> See applicable local regulations)

Babcock Wanson designs its equipment to be in service for many years and therefore we take the long view and offer solutions that take into account current regulatory constraints and, where practicable, forthcoming regulatory constraints to provide long-term reliable operation of the equipment.


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Our technical sales consultants will be available to advise and guide you throughout the specification and purchase process. Our sales team are focused on ensuring that every project and installation runs smoothly, from specification to delivery and installation.

Babcock Wanson is renowned for quality industrial process heating solutions, from manufacture to maintenance and on-going support.

A key factor in Babcock Wanson’s success stems from our ability to offer a complete range of products and services for boiler houses and other process heating needs; all adapted to meet customers’ individual requirements.

All products supplied by Babcock Wanson are fully supported, including tailored service and maintenance contracts.

In addition to a range of quality engineered products, Babcock Wanson also provides turnkey solutions. We have the engineering expertise and experience to customise our products and system designs to develop innovative solutions.


We work hard to be the very best we can and are proud to be one of the World’s leading suppliers of industrial process heating equipment. Babcock Wanson customers benefit from:

  • High efficiency and environmentally conscious performance
  • Always at the forefront of innovation
  • The strength of an international network, backed up with local service
  • An exceptionally wide range of process heating solutions to meet customers’ needs
  • Over a century of engineering expertise and experience
  • Tailored solutions, from product to training and maintenance contracts
  • Full after sales support
  • A solutions-based approach
  • Thousands of installations and satisfied customers

From its beginnings in the late 19 th Century, Babcock Wanson has grown to become a major international provider of industrial process heating equipment and solutions.

  • An international organisation with eight operating companies in and around Europe
  • Two prime manufacturing facilities in Europe, plus other engineering and assembly
  • 600+ staff, over half of which are dedicated to after-sales care and service
  • A world-wide network of commercial and technical partners
    300+ service engineers across Europe

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Babcock Wanson are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business and future for our world.

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