Industrial Boiler Room Optimisation

Regardless of whether or not there are Babcock Wanson products within the boiler room, we have the knowledge and experience to review the current boiler room equipment and processes. We provide the most suitable, modern technology solutions to upgrade such equipment to meet clients’ boiler room optimisation requirements. This might include:

  • Increasing output (temporarily or permanently)
  • Implement technical optimisations.
  • Upgrade the boiler to meet current standards as well as prepare for periodic third-party inspections
  • Refurbish and repair installations
  • Increase the efficiency of the installation.

Energy is often the main outlay for industrial companies and the boiler room represent a big part of it. It is therefore necessary to find all the possibilities of reducing energy consumption. That is why, Babcock Wanson’s engineering services developed Audisteam Energy Audit. To anticipate cost reductions associated with equipment and operating improvements, Babcock Wanson has developed Audisteam, a steam boiler house analysis tool which can quantify potential fuel savings before investment. This tool takes into account all the boiler house operating parameters, from water treatment to fuel and emissions. Hundreds of companies have seen the benefit of this innovative tool, enabling them to clearly demonstrate expected ROI.

The results of the audit enables a review of all the boiler room optimisation options including:

  • Heat recovery solutions: installation of an economiser, a combustion air pre heating system, setting up a heat exchanger associated with the process
  • Burner replacement: Increase of the turndown ratio to avoid stop and start cycles, decrease of excess air plus O2 and CO control. All of which can lead to reduced NOx emissions and compliance with developing emission limits
  • Improvement of water treatment systems: Installation of automatic blowdown, timed bottom blowdown and improvements to water pre-treatment systems.

Supplementary Services

Babcock Wanson offers a wide range of boilers for rental to meet your energy needs, whatever the situation.

To help get the most out of your Babcock Wanson equipment we offer a range of flexible industrial boiler training options.

Babcock Wanson’s engineers produce a detailed report on how to optimise it for maximum efficiency and operation.