Babcock Wanson In The Making

Babcock Wanson is the successor of two great industrial ventures:

Babcock and Wilcox; specialist in industrial boilers since 1898 and responsible for inventing the first water-tube steam boiler. This patented invention marks the beginning of - and set the standard for - safe, reliable steam-generated power.

The Wanson Group; specialist in low to medium output industrial boilers and a pioneer in the packaged boiler, water treatment equipment and industrial air heater business since 1929.

Over many years of production, Babcock Wanson has acquired extensive experience through the integration of proven brands such as Parent, Babcock, Bloctherm, Duquenne, Fluidothermus, Seum, Lardet, Goemine, Cobra, Vapor and Safmat.

Founding Footsteps

1898 Founding of the French construction company Babcock & Wilcox, formed from the American power generating company.
1929 Léon Wanson creates the Wanson Company (originally called C.M.T (Thermal Equipment Construction)).

Building on Foundations

1931 Léon Wanson and his close friend, Alfred Parent, choose a Bison as the corporate emblem to reflect the stature and energy of the Company.
1951 Alfred Parent creates the Parent Company whose head office is in Nérac (Lot-et-Garonne, France).

Opening in the UK

1956 Creation of Wanson Company in the UK, later to become Babcock Wanson UK.
1987 Parent Company integrates with the Wanson Group.
1988 Creation of Babcock Entreprise through the merger of the Babcock & Wilcox boiler division and Lardet Babcock Company.

The CNIM Group Period

1989 Babcock Entreprise becomes a 100% owned subsidiary of the CNIM Group.
1990 Acquisition by CNIM of Wanson and creation of Babcock Wanson by the regrouping with the activities of Babcock.

Moving Across Europe

1992 CNIM group acquires Italwanson which becomes Babcock Wanson Italiana.
1998 CNIM creates a subsidiary in Central Europe: CNIM Babcock Central Europe, which later becomes Babcock Wanson Polska.
2008 CYP Babcock Wanson rebrands to Babcock Wanson España.

Babcock Wanson Independent

2016 Babcock Wanson becomes independent from CNIM with the support of the FCDE (Fonds de Consolidation et de Développement des Entreprises - Consolidation and Business Development Fund) and rebrands with a more international focus.

2017 Babcock Wanson acquires Reputabel Warmtetechniek in Netherlands.

2020 Babcock Wanson Group further strengthens its local presence by the acquisition of MAES B.V.B.A. in Belgium.

2021 Kartésia becomes the new majority shareholder of Babcock Wanson in place of the FCDE.

2021 Babcock Wanson rolls out its external growth policy. 3 new companies join the group: Thermigas (France), Steam Plant Engineering (UK) and Standard Fasel (Netherlands).

Babcock Wanson Group

2022 Babcock Wanson's growth and acquisition policy leads to the creation of the Babcock Wanson Group, structured around 5 divisions: Boilers & Burners, Air Treatment, Water Treatment, Environmental Solutions, Services

2022 Donau Carbon Technologies joins the Babcock Wanson Group, strengthening its environmental solutions offering.

2022 Parat, a key player in the field of electrode boilers, joins the Babcock Wanson Group.

2023 PBS Power Equipements, a Czech leading manufacturer of boilers and burners, joins the Babcock Wanson Group.

2024 Babcock Wanson Group enters German market with acquisition of VKK Group, renowned for its expertise in industrial boiler technology.

  • Babcock Wanson (France)
  • Thermigas (France)
  • Babcock Wanson Italiana (Italy)
  • Donau Carbon Technologies SRL (Italy)
  • Reputabel Warmtetechniek (Netherlands)
  • Standard Fasel (Netherlands)
  • VKK Standard Kessel Köthen Group (Germany)
  • Parat Halvorsen AS (Norway)
  • Maes BVBA (Belgium)
  • Babcock Wanson Polska (Poland)
  • PBS Power Equipements (Czech Republic)
  • Babcock Wanson Caldeiras Lda (Portugal)
  • Babcock Wanson España (Spain)
  • Babcock Wanson Tunisie (Tunisia)
  • Babcock Wanson UK (United Kingdom)
  • Steam Plant Engineering Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Babcock Wanson USA LLC (USA)
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