Industrial Process Air Heaters


Babcock Wanson has been designing and manufacturing Air Heaters for industrial applications for many decades. With long experience in the design and manufacture of both Direct and Indirect Process Air Heaters for a wide range of industrial drying applications we are well placed to advise on which method and model is best suited to your specific process.

Industrial Process Air Heaters Advantages

Industrial Process Air Heaters are used in a wide range of industrial processes, including curing, drying, heat treating and shrinking, sterilising, bonding and chemical processing. The heaters are designed to work within a range of airflows and air pressures, with a large variation of discharge temperatures.

Industrial Air Heaters fall into two groups: Direct and Indirect. As the name implies, Direct Air Heaters have direct contact between the products of combustion and the process air stream.

Indirect Air Heaters are designed to prevent the process air from coming into contact with the products of combustion.

The key to the success of an Industrial Air Heater is to make sure it is designed to meet the process need and will provide longevity, durability and robustness, rapid response time and efficient heat transfer

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