Low Emission Burner Design

Babcock Wanson has long been at the forefront of low emission burner design and has industry leading expertise in combining our burners with high efficiency boiler shell designs to provide fully optimised steam production equipment.

With ever tightening emissions regulations and rising fuel costs, often the most cost-effective way of enhancing and future-proofing your existing fired process plant is to upgrade the burner. With many years of experience in the process heating field, Babcock Wanson is positioned to expertly analyse your current burner and combustion chamber arrangement and propose upgrades to meet your process requirements.

Upgrading your burner system has many advantages. Aside from improved combustion performance leading to increased efficiency and reduced emissions, incorporation of the latest technology means an improvement in reliability plus swifter and more economic periodic maintenance.

Environmental Friendly

Upgrading your burner can reduce overall emission rates and help you conform to changing environmental regulations.

Burner Service

Babcock Wanson also provides the benefits of a well-developed international network, backed up with local service. Our Technicians are available for all applications to provide preventative maintenance and rapid response to service requirements.


Supplementary Services

Babcock Wanson offers a wide range of boilers for rental to meet your energy needs, whatever the situation.

To help get the most out of your Babcock Wanson equipment we offer a range of flexible industrial boiler training options.

Babcock Wanson’s engineers produce a detailed report on how to optimise it for maximum efficiency and operation.