Accompany the operational in its daily development

Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Purchasing ... are the essential functions that allow the employees of a company to work in an efficient and coherent way and that contribute indirectly to the satisfaction of the end customers.

These men and women of the "shadow" have transverse missions and are at the core of everyday’s activity.

Our Main Functions

Buyer (M/F)

You are in charge of the purchase of technical products related to boiler equipment: raw materials and instrumentation.

Main missions

  • Definition and implementation of purchasing strategies.
  • Segmentation, identification of supplier markets and collection of information on the positioning of the different solutions offered by suppliers and / or competitors.
  • Sharing and standardisation of best purchasing practices at the Group's various plants and subsidiaries.
  • Preparation and management of invitations to tender, negotiation and implementation of contracts with suppliers.
  • Audits and qualification of new suppliers.

Required profile

  • Post-degree in purchasing.
  • Strength of conviction, analysis and synthesis, autonomy and team spirit.


Buyer - France

Ophir “Working at Babcock Wanson is a very rich intercultural experience and a constant challenge. Here we have the opportunity to exploit all our abilities. The trust and autonomy that the company gives us makes us evolve and move forward because of the responsibility that this implies. The working atmosphere is pleasant and supportive, we work in a good mood!

Contributing to a technological leap thanks to a good sourcing and seeing on the boiler the instruments that we developed with the design office and the supplier, that's what I like the most in my work.”

Accountant and bookkeeper (M / F)



Accounting Assistant - France

“I joined Babcock Wanson's accounting department 6 years ago. I have been recruited on fixed-term contracts as part of a maternity leave replacement, before being subsequently confirmed on a permanent contract. I am delighted to have integrated a serious and dynamic service!

As an accounting assistant, I have a wide range of tasks: handling foreign invoices, transportation invoices, overhead invoices, expense reports, VAT returns and closing transactions. These responsibilities fully satisfy me, as does my work environment.”

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