REC Series

Ideal for producing steam or high temperature water, the REC Series uses combustion gas coming from diesel engines, gas turbines (co-generation), industrial furnaces, incinerators or other thermal equipment.

These horizontal boilers are designed to balance heat recovery with limited pressure drop on the gas side to optimise heat-transfer and are designed to provide the required quality and quantity of recovered heat.

Configuration – Horizontal Output – Steam or Hot Water Capacity – Up to 30 t/h steam Pressure range – 25 bar Inlet Temperature – Up to 1000°C

REC Series Features

  • Horizontal configuration.
  • Flexible in operation – varying exhaust gas volumes and temperatures can be accommodated.
  • Robust design
  • Straightforward cleaning – dust tolerant.
  • Suitable for use with furnaces, annealing ovens, incinerators, thermal oxidisers, diesel engines, gas turbines and more.