HEB Series

From 90 to 2,300 kW
The HEB Hot Water Boiler from Babcock Wanson is a high efficiency unit designed primarily for lower temperature process heating applications. With 18 models providing heat outputs of between 90 and 2,300 kW and maximum operating pressures between 5 and 6 barg, the HEB has been designed to operate in a wide variety of industrial applications.

HEB provides a maximum water outlet temperature of 100°C and is often fitted with a fully modulating burner to provide very close control of process water temperature.

The HEB configuration of the combustion chamber and heat exchange surfaces has been fully optimised to suit the flame geometry of the matched burner. A variety of Gas, Fuel Oil, Dual Fuel and/or Biogas can be used with the HEB burner.

High Efficiency

  • Fully integrated and factory tested control system assure high efficiency operation.
  • Innovative and fully proven construction guarantees the robustness of the equipment.
  • HEB design enables high overall efficiency of circa 96% under normal duty and in standard form.

Simple Reliable Operation

  • Perfectly matched boiler / burner allows simple site installation.
  • Babcock Wanson provides a complete package: Boiler, insulation and cladding, Burner and fuel train assembly, Multifunction Control Panel, Full Commissioning and After-Sales Services.
  • Option for fully assembly with all mountings to minimize site installation time.
  • Full furnace access without the need to dismount the burner ensures simple on-site maintenance and minimum downtime.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Fully matched Babcock Wanson burner ensures low emission and high combustion efficiency which means low overall emissions.
  • High efficiency HEB hot water boiler provides substantial environmental advantages and complies with all emission standards.