From 50 kW to 20 MW

The MIXBLOC Direct Process Air Heater is designed to provide high temperature air – up to 800°C in standard form – with no flue gas losses. MIXBLOC can operate using the process air flow as the source of combustion air, or an independent combustion air fan. Burners are constructed from multiple “V” elements assembled in differing configurations to suit the required heat input and process ductwork design.

MIXBLOC Direct Process Air Heater Characteristics

  • Natural gas or LPG fired
  • Can be installed in small spaces and to suit an existing ductwork configuration
  • Air flow can vary between 50-100% or by up to 90% using a dedicated combustion air fan
  • Modulating regulation allows turndown ratios of up to 20:1
  • Constructed for horizontal or vertical operation
  • Can work upstream or downstream of the process air fan under positive or negative pressure.