HW3P Series

From 1.1 to 10.5 MW
HW3P Hot Water Boiler is a full 3-pass fired heater designed for operation with Natural Gas, LPG, Light Fuel Oil and a variety of specialist Bio-fuels. The robust and proven configuration of the HW3-P guarantees reliable boiler performance in all industrial heating applications.

HW3P is constructed with specially constructed burners for low NOx operation in full compliance with the Medium Combustion Plant Directive whilst still providing high operating efficiency and thereby very low overall emissions.

The HW3P boiler from Babcock Wanson provides a maximum water outlet temperature of 106 °C and is fitted with a multi stage or fully modulating burner to suit the process load and provide very close control of process water temperature.

HW3P Series Hot Water Boiler

HW3P hot water boilers are available in 14 models with heat outputs between 1165 kW and 10 560 kW and with operating pressures between 5 to 8 barg depending on the model specification. The wide range of HW3P Hot Water Boilers ensures a size and heat output is readily available to suit the most demanding industrial process.

Babcock Wanson can provide a complete solution for your hot water boiler requirements including the boiler shell with insulation and cladding, matched burner, multifunction control panel, all ancillary equipment including primary circulation and anti-condensation pumps, pressurisation equipment and a full package of heater house and process valves along with boiler commissioning. All equipment supplied is backed up by our local After Sales Service.

Guaranteed Performances

  • HW3P is a high efficiency boiler designed to provide exceptional performance and up to 93.4%* operating efficiency in standard form.
  • Fully integrated and factory tested control system ensures simple and reliable operation.
  • Commissioning and maintenance services are provided by Babcock Wanson technicians and service engineers local to you.

Robust Equipment

  • HW3P is robustly built providing maximum water operating temperatures up to 106°C and pressure of up to 8 barg.
  • HW3P includes three full gas passes and is equipped with insulated front gas pass opening doors for simple inspection and cleaning when required.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Babcock Wanson’s HW3P design provides a perfect match between boiler body and burner to ensure the efficient use of fuel, simple maintenance and compliance with emission standards.
  • The burner and boiler design of HW3P Hot water boiler ensures low NOx operation.

Full Range of Ancillary Equipment

  • Babcock Wanson burners
  • Bespoke Package Designs
  • Pressurisation Equipment
  • Valves and controls
  • System ancillaries and heat exchangers

Full Range of Services

  • System design and project management
  • Installation and piping service
  • System Pressurisation sets
  • Supply and Commissioning
  • Maintenance and full After Sales service

* These values strictly depend on the boiler operating conditions.