The burners in the OPTIMO range are forced-draft burners. They form the heart of Babcock Wanson’s range and cover a wide range of power outputs and fuels while having very high energy and environmental performance:


OPTIMO Forced-Draft Burners

  • Fuel available: Natural gas, Liquefied gas, Gasoil, Medium and Heavy Fuel Oils and other specific fuels on request
  • OPTIMO 1, 2, 3 & 4 cover a large power range: from 700 kW to 12.5 MW
  • Integrated on-board controls including a variable speed drive combustion air fan.
  • Robust welded steel case construction.
  • Interchangeable fan, perfectly optimised and scalable to the burner range.
  • Low noise operation.
  • High-performance combustion head for NOx < 100 mg/Nm³ (Natural Gas - dry flue gas and 3% O2).
  • Large flame viewing port for ease of burner set up and maintenance.
  • Fully digital combustion controls for efficient operation.