Deodorising Oxidisers

Babcock Wanson Deodorising Oxidisers are well known all over the world as the best available technology to abate odours generated by various production processes. They are specifically designed to suit the application and tailored to meet the particular requirements of each industrial process.


Operating Principle

Odours are typically processed temperatures of up to 950°C with a dwell time of approximately 0.8 seconds. A heat recovery boiler recovers energy from the flue gas stream and feeds it back to the process using steam or thermal fluid as the heat transfer medium. Dwell times are adjusted to suit process and local rules.

What are Deodorising Oxidisers Best Suited to?

Industrial applications are varied and include:

  • Industrial frying processes
  • Meat processing
  • Rendering
  • Coffee and barley roasting
  • Rubber vulcanising and moulding

Advantages of Deodorising Oxidisers

  • System overall efficiency over 99%
  • Excellent odour abatement efficiency
  • Possible use of animal tallow as primary fuel, with fuel oil or natural gas as a standby fuel
  • Optimised investment and operating costs