TPC-LN Series

Thermal Fluid Heaters from 250,000 to 2,050,000 kCal/h (291 to 2,383 kW)
TPC-LN Thermal Fluid Heater is a multi-pass fired heater designed for operation with Natural Gas, LPG, Light Fuel Oil and a variety of specialist Bio-fuels. The TPC-LN design uses different types of packaged burners to suit the application and is supplied complete with all safety interlocks and full controls for effective operation.

This type of heater from Babcock Wanson is available in horizontal or vertical orientation, so is suitable for almost every type of location. It is also designed to meet the most restrictive standards for NOx and CO emissions.

Simple Reliable Operation

  • TPC-LN combustion chamber is formed using concentric wound helical coils which form the gas passes. This safe and simple arrangement provides a very generous combustion chamber resulting in low thermal load and low emissions plus extended operational life.
  • TPC-LN is delivered ready for connection to the thermal fluid circuit, fuel supply, power and exhaust systems allowing straightforward and rapid installation.
  • An option is available on larger unit sizes to integrate an exhaust gas to combustion air preheater to further improve operating efficiency without affecting emissions.
  • Being simple to operate and simple to maintain means TPC LN is the ideal choice for very low emission projects.

Environmentally Friendly

  • High efficiency thermal fluid systems provide substantial environmental advantages and low overall emissions.
  • Flow monitoring systems built into the heater design ensures trouble free and reliable operation.
  • Minimal internal refractory means simple operation and maintenance over an extended period.
  • Constructed to European norms.

Full Range of Ancillary Equipment

  • Heat transfer fluid pumps.
  • Babcock Wanson Combined Deaerator and Expansion tank.
  • System valves and controls.
  • Ancillaries and heat exchangers plus turnkey projects on request.

TPC-LN Series Thermal Fluid Heaters

TPC-LN Model 250 450 650 850 1250 1650 2050
Output kW 291 523 756 988 1,453 1,919 2,383
Diameter mm 1,102 1,298 1,426 1,413 1,743 2,285 2,545
Length (w burner) mm 2,755 3,070 3,390 3,885 4,105 4,560 4,650

* additional sizes up to 5.8 MW available on demand