Steam outputs from 1700 kg/h to 5700 kg/h

The E-VAP Rapid Steam Generator is a horizontal, multi-pass Coil Steam Generator benefiting from Babcock Wanson’s many years of experience in both design and manufacture of steam raising equipment. The horizontal configuration of E-VAP ensures easy access to all components for both operation and maintenance.

Flexible solution

  • The EVAP horizontal once through Steam Generator has been designed to operate in a multitude of industries and with a wide range of operating pressures
  • Extended unattended operation to suit local operating requirements.
  • Most types of liquid or gaseous fuels can be used.
  • Low water content means safe operation
  • Reduced blowdown losses
  • Flue Gas Recirculation ensures compliance with emmissions regulations


Easy Operation

  • Steam produced in 5-15 minutes from cold
  • Simple water and chemical treatment requirements
  • Reduced annual inspection requirements
  • Low maintenance and long plant life
  • Fully digital control panel including touchscreen operator interface
  • Reduced floor space required compared with traditional firetube boilers
  • Fully modulating electronic control saves energy and improves performance
  • Auto Start and Stop plus option for full Sequence Control
  • Specialist pump ensures low maintenance and simple operation


High Efficiency

  • Small footprint for high output means low heat loss and fuel savings
  • Lowest practicable electrical consumption
  • High combustion and plant efficiency
  • Low water content means fast steaming from cold and saves energy at every start up


Full range of ancillary equipment and services

  • Feedwater tanks and feed systems.
  • Economisers for increased efficiency.
  • Feed water conductivity monitoring and automated blowdown control.
  • System ancillaries and heat exchangers.
  • Full turnkey design and installation service.
  • Babcock Wanson Water Treatment Solutions and support.
  • Commissioning and after sales service.



E-VAP Rapid steam generator

E-VAP Model 1700 2700 3700 5700
Steam Output (1) Kg/h 1700 2700 3700 5700
Power Output kW 1186 1884 2581 3977
Width A (2) mm 1860 2090 2280 2770
Length B (2) mm 3540 4730 4780 5790
Height C (with economiser) (2) mm 2240 2440 2550 2880
Weight – full coil Kg 3000 4850 5300 10500

(1) All steam outputs are for steam at 10barg and feedwater at 80°C.
(2) Dimensions are for standard 12 barg design pressure (higher pressures available on request).