This gas burner is the result of an ambitious research and development work. ORTHOS goes even further than the Modulo + and offers solutions to industries whose process requires large power variations. The turndown ratio of 1 to 25 provided by the ORTHOS design is unique in the market. It both meets specific industrial needs and provides significant energy savings by avoiding stop/start cycles that are both wasteful in terms of energy and can also prematurely damage boilers.

In addition, ORTHOS has environmental performance well above regulatory requirements in terms of NOx emissions.


ORTHOS Gas Burner

  • Fuel available: Natural Gas, Liquefied Gas
  • From 7 to 22 MW
  • Turn down ratio 1 to 24
  • Very low NOx operation of ≤ 60mg/Nm³ at 3% O2 (referring to EN676)
  • Minimum excess air over the entire operating range