Standard: Duplex or triplex. Water flow from 1 to 93 m3/h
Specific: Tailored to site demands

Babcock Wanson, specialist in boiler house and water treatment solutions, provides a wide range of water filtration systems for industry. Our team stands ready to design and install the most efficient and cost-effective equipment for each individual application. Each filtration system is unique and custom-built to suit the requirements of the process.

Different filtering media is utilised according to the physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of the raw water and the desired final water quality. Sand / Silex filtration is usually used to remove large particles up to 25 µm from the water. Hydro-anthracite / Silex double bed allows a better retention of suspended solids. Activated carbon filtration is mainly used to remove organic matter, heavy metals, halogenated substances such as chlorine, pesticides and compounds that can result in impaired taste or unpleasant odour.

Babcock Wanson has designed simplex multi-valve filters which can be operated in duplex, triplex, and multiplex arrangements. Electronic control units with rotary distributors connected to each section by communication cables. Programming of this control unit allows alternate or parallel operation.

Filtration applications in industries

  • Industrial process water
  • Filtration can be applied to remove suspended oils, solids, and other contaminants to obtain high quality water.
  • Drinking water
  • Boiler feed water
  • Steam boilers require high quality feed water to ensure a total control of corrosion risk and prevention of scale deposits on the boiler wetted surfaces. Filtration is also necessary for pretreatment before Ultra-Filtration or Reverse-Osmosis
  • Pretreatment of ion exchange systems on cooling circuits.

Flexible and complete range

  • Our wide range of filtration systems allows us to adapt to site requirements whilst optimizing operational and maintenance costs.
  • Skid-mounted and compact designs often requires smaller floor area than conventional site-built installations.

Simple installation and maintenance

  • Fully integrated and factory tested control system for simple site installation.
  • Filtration system can be adapted for water with variable inlet concentration.
  • Washing process can be customised based on time, volume, or pressure difference.
  • Washing can be performed with counter-current raw water or filtered water.

Reliability and safe equipment

  • Babcock Wanson fully considers raw water characteristics, boiler type, process water quality, condensate return, steam quality to be produced and other parameters of the installation in order to tailor the treatment regime to suit.
  • Our Maintenance contracts allow an annual review of quality improvements and detailed cost control


Duplex – 2750/2850/3150 – FMC – S/D

Duplex Model   1450 1665 1865 2160 2469 3072 3672 4272
Maximum Flow Rate* (m³/h) 1.5 2.0 2.8 3.6 4.6 7.2 10.4 14.0
Diameter (A) mm 268 406 469 552 610 770 927 1074
Height (B) mm 1815 1802 1896 1795 2040 2502 2559 2669

Triplex – F – ECO – MV – T – S

Triplex Model   18 21 24 30 36 42 48 63
Maximum Flow Rate* (m³/h) 7.77 10.77 13.14 20.94 30.36 40.74 52.59 93.06
Diameter (A) mm 469 552 610 770 927 1074 1220 1623
Height (B) mm 2300 2300 2400 2500 2500 2600 2700 2800

*Maximum flow with filtration rate 15 m3/h