Water Treatment Products

Energy efficiency, Operating efficiency, Environmental protection

Babcock Wanson offers water treatments solutions for all industrial applications including the supply of conditioning products to achieve the desired water quality.

Babcock Wanson’s highly qualified and professional chemists ensure the appropriate treatment and testing regime is employed to provide accurate products for your applications.
Each product is calculated and proportioned according to your site’s specific requirements. These conditioning products are both ready and simple to use straight from the drum and therefore reduce the risks associated with the handling of concentrated chemicals. The translucent packaging allows ease of consumption monitoring.

Babcock Wanson remains proactive during the life of the plant by continuously monitoring water quality and conditioning product consumption. Chemical dosing equipment is also available to ensure correct system dosing.

Water treatment products applications

  • Boiler feed and condensate treatment – Water treatment products from Babcock Wanson have been developed to protect boilers and water/steam circuits against the risk of corrosion and scaling. Babcock Wanson provides a complete formulation for steam and condensate treatment, such as sludge conditioners, oxygen scavengers, PH control and foaming inhibitors, etc. These ensure steam quality and prevent corrosion.
  • Hot and superheated water production.
  • Hot Water for Sanitary and Healthcare Applications.
  • Culinary Ice Production.
  • Pasteurisation and Sterilisation in food and beverage industries – Babcock Wanson provides environmentally friendly chemicals that are FDA (Food and Drugs Administration Approved). Our bespoke and innovative products have significant safe handling advantages when compared with commonly used chemicals.
  • Cooling circuits, such as Evaporative Cooling Towers – The correct water treatment in a cooling circuit is vital to ensure effective operation and to avoid bacteriological contamination caused by Legionella pneumophila.
  • Babcock Wanson can implement preventive and remedial treatments to fight against potential deposition of bacteria: clearing existing deposits and controlling fouling, as a disinfectant, dispersant, and for anti-corrosion and anti-scaling.
  • Membrane process – Preventive or remediation products can be applied for membrane processes such as ultrafiltration or demineralisation by reverse osmosis. Anti-scale products are suitable for chlorine removal, membrane preservation and cleaning.