Steam Outputs from 3500 kg/h to 8000 kg/h
SteamPack boilers are three-pass design and incorporate a water tube flue gas reversal chamber. This unique Babcock Wanson technology provides operational flexibility and thus unrivalled long-term efficiency and reliability.

Environmentally friendly

The SteamPack boiler from Babcock Wanson combines the best available technology in boiler design with very high efficiency resulting in low operating costs and reduced emissions. The boiler is designed to meet the latest European environmental legislation in terms of pollutant emission and can even exceed regulations requirements when fitted with Babcock Wanson combustion equipment.

Low consumption

Optimum efficiency
The perfect match between the boiler shell and burner ensures reliable and efficient operation. Combined with a flue gas heat recovery system adapted to the process (economiser, combustion air preheater…) SteamPack boilers achieve optimum process efficiency throughout the firing range.
High performance across the power range
Steady performance is a key feature of Babcok Wanson equipment. Dedicated burner combustion head design linked to very high turndown ratios provide accurate control of excess air and minimum start/stop cycles. This ensures best possible performance across a wide process operating range.
Low electrical consumption
The very low gas side pressure drop reduces massively the electrical consumption of fans. Furthermore, options available for variable speed combustion air and feedwater drives further reduce site electrical demand and improve overall efficiency.

Robust construction for long life

Building on the BWR boiler range well-known for its Robust Construction for long life, SteamPack boilers are three-pass design and incorporate a water tube flue gas reversal chamber. Welded outside the pressure part body, this proven feature, does not require any furnace tie rods or reinforcement of the reversing chamber and gives an exceptional flexibility to the shell and furnace expansion allowing large steam load changes with minimal operational stress. This confers to the boiler an increased resistance to cold starts and a great structural strength for very long life. Being continuously cooled by water circulation the flue gas reversing chamber does not require any refractories.

Simple Reliable Operation

Easy acess
The SteamPack design includes full access to front smoke and furnace tubes via large easy use doors. Rear tubeplate and furnace tube access is simple and complete due to the unique water tube reversal chamber which minimises refractory requirements and complex tie rod requirements.
SteamPack standard construction includes an integrated high-level access platform for simple, safe access and ease of maintenance and operation.
Reduced operating cost
The SteamPack boiler provides comprehensive instrumentation and controls as standard including Babcock Wanson’s exclusive unattended operation modes.
Remote control
SteamPack is compatible with the Babcock Wanson Navinergy system which allows ease of remote monitoring and maintenance scheduling.

Why Choose the SteamPack Fire Tube Steam Boiler?

  • High efficiency
  • Low NOx burners
  • High burner turndown ratios
  • Electronic modulation control as standard
  • Simple access for ease of maintenance
  • Robust design for very long life
  • Flue gas Heat Recovery
  • Condensing economiser option
  • Connectivity with our Navinergy system
  • Combustion air pre-heater options
  • Dual and mixed fuel firing options
  • O2 and CO trim options
  • Simple 3 and 7 day unattended operation
  • Complete steam system solutions


SteamPack Series Fire Tube Steam Boiler

SteamPack Model 3.5 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0
Steam Output (1) Kg/h 3500 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000
Power Output (1) kW 2675 3067 3808 4592 5340 6139
Width A (2) mm 2450 2450 2650 2650 2950 2950
Length B (2) mm 6300 6300 6850 7000 7520 7520
Height C (2) mm 3400 3400 3550 3550 3850 3850
Weight-fully flooded Kg 17000 17000 24500 25800 31200 32000

(1) Steam output at up to 15 barg based on feedwater at 80°C.

(2) Overall diamensions include fitted burner and boiler mountings.